We regularly survey paying customers and in general we find that on average, Recipe Cost Calculator saves customers over 10 hours per month. Much of this time saving comes in the form of being able to bulk upload ingredients and use our shopping list feature for daily or weekly production planning. Not to mention the time we save customers just keeping them away from large or complicated spreadsheets.

We have a few customers who have gone so far as to say that they believe Recipe Cost Calculator saves them 45 hours per month. We think that's incredible (I wish I could find an extra 45 hours per month!)

Using these numbers, it's easy to demonstrate the kind of value that Recipe Cost Calculator can add to your business, even in terms of straight-up cash saving (not to mention that fact that we can help you get your costs under control and run a more profitable business). Here's the math:

If you assume a $15/hour wage – that means on average Recipe Cost Calculator is saving customers $150 per month.

Some customers have reported monthly time savings of up to 45 hours per month! If you take that some $15/hour wage calculation – a saving of 45 hours per month is the equivalent of $675 / month in time savings!

Our paid plans range in price from $12/month to $30/month when paid annually, and we believe these prices offer incredible value to small and medium sized businesses.

We still believe that Recipe Cost Calculator is the premier recipe costing tool for food processors, food manufacturers, bakeries, cafes, restaurants and other food businesses. Give us a try. Sign for any paid plan and if after 30 days you don't think we offer enough value -- email us and we'll give you your money back, no questions asked.

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