Recipes is where the rubber hits the road. That's why you're here! Pricing, cost breakdowns, margins, nutrition information -- at your fingertips, for all your recipes.

In Recipe Cost Calculator, you create your ingredients first (you can't start creating recipes until you've added your ingredients). We felt this was the most logical way to approach things as we can't accurately show you costing for your recipes until we know how you buy your ingredients and how much they cost.

If you like videos - I strongly recommend checking out our recipe help video.

Recipe Feature List*

  • Scale your recipes with ease
  • Swap ingredients out (replace one ingredient with another)
  • View nutrition details and create nutrition labels
  • Create ingredient lists
  • See the allergens that are present in your recipe
  • View recipe costs including cost per ingredient, cost % by category
  • Powerful pricing tools to help you calculate selling prices, factoring in margins paid to distributors, brokers or retailers
  • Tag and categorize your recipes
  • Export PDF copies of your recipe with either pricing details, or as prep cards for use by yourself or you staff in your facility or kitchen
  • Edit and store preparation instructions for your recipes right in Recipe Cost Calculator
  • Track historical changes to your recipe and why you made those changes
  • View historical costing for your recipes
  • ...and more.

*Note that some features are only available on paid plans.

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