We occasionally hear from customers that they are unable to find specific ingredients they are looking for in the nutrient database. We are faced with some limitations in how we are able to search the nutrient database from Recipe Cost Calculator. There are a few ways to overcome this.

Search Directly on the Nutrient Database Web Site

They have many advanced filters and more ways to search. You can search that database by clicking here. After performing an initial search, there are tons of filters you can use to try to narrow down what you're looking for.

Once you find the ingredient you're looking for, you can simply go back to Recipe Cost Calculator and search for the FDC ID of the ingredient (you can search for that number directly) and we'll pull up the correct ingredient.

Here is a screenshot example from the nutrient database web site:

Enter Nutrition Data Manually

If you can not find your exact ingredient, or an ingredient that is comparable, you can always enter nutrition data yourself as long as you have the ingredients nutrition panel in front of you.

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