When you create an ingredient in Recipe Cost Calculator, you create it using a specific type of unit. This is usually either a weight (lb, kg, gram, oz) or a volume (litre, quart, pint, etc.).

It is not possible to automatically convert weight to volumes. If you purchase an ingredient by weight, for example a 20lb bag of sugar (weight), but you want to use this ingredient in cups (volume), you need to create a Measurement Converter.

Measurement converters are easy to create and we have a 2 minute video to teach you how to do that here:

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From the screenshot below you can see that we have created an ingredient for Flour. This ingredient we purchase in a single 20lb bag. This is a weight.

Define your ingredients.

But I want to use my flour in my recipes in cups.

If you scroll down, you will see a section on measurement converters when you are editing your ingredient.

If you have linked your ingredient to a food item from the nutrition database, sometimes we are able to import a set of recommended measurement converters and you can then create the measurement converters with a single click:

Create a measurement converter automatically

If none of the measurement converters that are presented make sense, or if there were no automatic measurement converters available, you can click "New Measurement Converter" (that's the button in the screenshot above) to create your own.

After clicking "New Measurement Converter" - in this case what we want to do is tell Recipe Cost Calculator that some weight amount of flour is equal to some volume amount of flour. In the below example we've said that 125 grams is equal to 1 cup.

Create a new measurement converter manually

Now once you save your ingredient, Recipe Cost Calculator will always be able to convert between weight and volume for you for this ingredient.

There are many tools you can use online to help you find conversions including our favourite -- Wolfram Alpha.

If you need further help, please watch our 2 minute measurement converter video. If that doesn't help - please send us a note!

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