In Recipe Cost Calculator it is possible to tag ingredients with any major allergens. It's important to note that for any given ingredient there are essentially three (3) different states when it comes to allergen declarations:

  1. No Allergen Declaration. This is the default state for new ingredients, and it is the default state for all ingredients that were created in Recipe Cost Calculator before we implemented the Allergen Tagging feature. We do not assume that just because an ingredient has not been flagged as containing any major allergens that it does not contain any allergens. We wait until a user (you) specifically updates the ingredient to indicate that it does not have any allergens before saying so explicitly on ingredient and recipe detail pages.  
  2. Does Not Contain Allergens. You may update ingredients from "No Allergen Declaration" to specifically state that an ingredient does not contain any major allergens.
  3. Contains Allergens. When you flag an ingredient as containing allergens you also specify which of the major allergens the ingredient contains. In this way we are able to show on all your recipe pages exactly which allergens are contained in that recipe based on the ingredients used.

The screenshot below for the recipe "Basic Butter Cream" indicates that the ingredients used in the recipe contain Milk and Eggs (2 major allergens). The allergen page also indicates for you that there are two (2) ingredients that are used in the recipe that do not currently have an allergen declaration. 

The recommended action to solve this problem would be to update the allergen section for both Whole Milk and Corn Starch ingredients. In this case, Whole Milk would be updated to specify Milk as an allergen, and Corn Starch would be updated to indicate that it contains no major allergens.

Milk Update

Corn Starch Update

If you have any additional questions about allergen tagging in Recipe Cost Calculator please let us know.

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