Scaling your recipes is easy with Recipe Cost Calculator.

From viewing any recipe, you will see a "Scale Recipe" link in the menu on the left side of the screen.

After clicking on Scale Recipe, you'll be presented with a form that you can use to scale your recipe. It will look something like this:

You can either enter a numeric multiplier to scale your recipe, or alternatively, you ca select an ingredient to scale the recipe by.

Once you've chosen, you can show the scaled recipe, or scale the recipe and save it as a new recipe. You'll have the option to make any ingredient or rounding tweaks and change the name before you save.

The drop-down list on the Scale Recipe page contains a list of all ingredients in your recipe, and how much of that ingredient is used in the recipe: 

Some Examples

If you want to double a recipe: Simply use 2 as a multiplier.

Scale a recipe to the purchased ingredient size: If you purchase 20lb bags of flour, maybe you want to scale up your cookie recipe to use a whole bag. If that's the case just choose Flour from the ingredient list, and enter "20 lbs" in the "to" field.

Make smaller batches for testing: Maybe you want to make smaller batches of your recipes for testing, you can scale your recipes smaller as well.

Prefer Video Help?

If you prefer video examples - we have a brief help video on scaling recipes that you can watch below!



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